1. I would describe my body as:
2. My body's frame is:
3. My chest:
4. My joints:
5. When I eat, I am drawn to tastes like:
6. I describe my skin as:
7. I describe my hair as:
8. I describe my fingernails as:
9. I describe my eyes as:
10. I describe my appetite as:
11. I describe my digestion as:
12. I describe my stool as:
13. If I eat something that doesn't agree with me:
14. I tend to sweat:
15. The environment most uncomfortable to me is:
16. My sleep habits:
17. When I wake up in the morning:
18. When I encounter significant stress, I tend to:
19. When someone presents me with something I'm supposed to know:
20. I describe my general personality as:
21. When I'm under a lot of stress, I tend to be:
22. I tend to respond to a good day by:
23. In conversations , I describe myself as:
24. When pursuing a task, I tend to:
25. I describe my general energetic state as:
26. I describe my emotional traits as:
27. When dealing with money, I tend to:
28. I tend to experience:
29. When someone I know is thought to have misbehaved:
30. When presented with a problem to be solved:

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